Blocks of Delight

The Blocks of Delight are made from some of the world’s most beautiful woods and are contained in a box of douglas fir, measuring 18cm long, 15.5cm wide and 10.5cm high. The box is secured with a suede strap and a sycamore pin.


Made from English Burr Oak and Bronze.

71 cm diameter x 40 cm high.


Rocking Motorcycle or “Age Meets Youth”

Nickel-plated steel tube, leather saddle, laminated ash, birch ply, acrylic and a shock absorber.

Dimensions – 60cm wide, 87cm high, 124cm long.

Sea Shore

Ply, Sand, Found Objects, Bronze and Glass Rods.

90 cm high x 50 cm long.


Seed Pod

Golden gum burr and sycamore

84cm long, 77cm wide, 29cm high

Price: £2,160

Bronze River

Bronze and Indian rosewood

121cmlong, 12cm wide, 15cm high

Price: £1,940