Coffee Bean Coffee Table

English walnut, scorched on the exterior, bronze coffee beans, 6mm toughened glass top. A unique method of construction, where each piece is hand carved and assembled, minismising waste of expensive materials.

Dimensions – 97cm diameter x 47cm high.



Filing System

American maple, walnut, fabric. The customer may choose from a range of materials e.g. oak or steel and select any suitable fabric for the wallets (leather wallets around £5 each).

Dimensions – 60cm x 50cm x 90cm high.


Swinging Lounger

Laminated ash, webbing, softwood “pebbles”, steel, sheepskin.

Dimensions – 188cm high x 240cm long x 117cm wide.



Individual Tables

These small, versatile tables are made of  sycamore and walnut with a suede handle for easy carrying. Designed for small, contemporary living spaces these tables can be moved easily around a room. They vary in shape but are all 47cm high. They stand alone or can be put toether in pairs to form a larger surface.

The D-shaped table measures 23cmx17.5cm across the top.


The triangular table sides measure 23cm.


Shell Coffee Table

This unusual table measures 47cm high and is 1m in diameter. The curved form is consructed from a series of”ribs” cut from plywood. These create pronounced shadows on the outer surface. The aquatic feel is enhanced by the semi-circular “rowlocks” on each side. In this instance walnut and sycamore shapes have been added to represent flowing water, but there is freedom to arrange any items within the bowl.The bowl is covered with glass to convert it into a table.


The Alchemist’s Crucible

coffee table constructed in 75mm ply, with lime ladle, steel spheres ball bearings and toughened glass to produce the surface.

Dimensions are the same as for the Shell coffee table.

Price: £950