Everything I make can be found on that continuum between fine art and pure design. Consequently, the website is divided into three – painting, sculpture and furniture. I am particularly interested in form, the effects of light, surface texture and contrasting temperatures of materials when touched. This affords the use of a wide range of materials. Methods of construction have evolved to suit the sculptural quality of my work – I don’t like straight lines. Modular units, as many as 250 individually-carved elements, have been assembled to create one piece. This allows for a wide range of complex  forms to be generated. At times I like to weave humour and social commentary into projects and this is most apparent in my painting and sculpture.

Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design

Best use of British Timber 2016 Award

Special Mention

Paul Jaques with his ‘Walnut Poem’ Coffee Table 153 carved walnut units finished, on the exterior, with sealed Nitram charcoal with bronze elements.

‘If ever useless timber has been rescued to great effect, this is it. Huge effort has been made to maximise the beautiful English walnut grain, with numerous small carved units which combine to produce a truly inspirational piece.’ (Judges Comment)

We spoke to Paul in some detail about this special table: “2 years ago I was offered some walnut. I drove to Wiltshire to pick it up and found that it had already been logged and not left as usable lengths. I brought a load of 12” pieces home and left them to season for a year. I was confined by the size of the pieces and I have made a multi-unit structure which shows the fabulous qualities of the timber. Small bronze elements drip down into the centre to give a dynamic element to the piece. The exterior is deliberately “hacked” to simulate chain-saw brutality and coated with charcoal to represent the burning of logs.”

The poem that accompanies the table and some ‘in the making of’ photos can be found in the pieces feature: